KARKADE Karkadé is a natural  drink made out of dried Hibiscus sabdariffa flowers.
In West Africa (Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, Benin, Nmibia,Togo and Niger) the drink is called Bissap. In Egypt, Sudan, Iran and Saudi Arabia it is called Karkadé. It is known from Australia over the Indian subcontinent to the far east (Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Thailand) under different names. In the Caribbean and in Latin America (Panama and Mexico)  it is called Agua de Jamaica and could be one of the most widely growing plants in the world.
The drink slows down metabolism of sugar and starch and decreases the rate at which these are absorbed by the body and is a powerful diet supplement as it helps shed undesirable weight.
The  natural flavonoids resist free radical activity, while antioxidants cleanse the system of  toxic wastes.
Its anthocyanins have a pronounced P-Vitamin activity, they strenghten the walls of blood vessels, lower high blood pressure  and high cholesterol levels. and  in this way improve cardiovascular health
Karkade extinguishes heartburn, assists with chronic constipation, protects the liver and is antispasmodic.
The beverage is also a rich source of vitamin C which bolsters the immune system,kills pathogen agents and guards against common seasonal allergies like cold, cough, flu, chest congestion, and sore throat.
Karkadé is also an effective natural  light diuretic. It drains out excess liquid  via urinary secretions, and prevents fluid retention and the risk of developing edema. It contains no oxalic acid, and  is therefore safe for renal patients.
This drink is perfect for those who live in constant stress, because it calms the nerves and relieves fatigue.
 Produced in South Afrika
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